Additel Introduces 0.05% FS Accuracy Absolute Gauges and Sensors (2014-09-21)

Additel Introduces 20K psi Pressure Range to Existing Pressure Gauges (2014-09-21)

Additel Switch Test Application Video (2014-09-15)

40K psi Offered for Additel Gauges and Calibrators (2014-07-17)

Built-in Data Logging Capability Now Added to the Additel 681 (2014-04-22)

Additels 920 generates pressures from 95% vacuum to 3,000 psi (2013-11-11)

Additels new pressure manifolds provide four test ports for calibrations to 10,000 psi (700 bar) (2013-11-11)

Additel adds six new pressure ranges to their 761 series Automated Pressure Calibrators (2013-10-01)

Additel adds two new models and extends the pressure range offering for their Pneumatic Pressure Tes (2013-10-01)

Additel 681IS Series Intrinsically Safe Digital Pressure Gauges now come with CSA certification (2013-09-21)

Additel 680 Series Digital Pressure Gauges provide data logging and wireless capabilities for applic (2013-09-21)

The new panel mount ADT681 digital pressure gauges (2012-11-07)

Additel launched new product ADT761 Automated Pressure Calibrator (2012-11-08)

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