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Our mission and values

Helping chemists, biologists, physicists and nurses.

To improve the accuracy of researches.

To reduce costs of related materials, supplies and human labor.


  • consultations with qualified professionals to select appropriate equipment and accessories, acording to the specific needs of the client.
  • document preparation and delivery to the customer in the agreed terms.
  • installation of the supplied equipment and training of the staff, according to European standards.
  • warranty service, agreed with the customer (minimum 1 year.)
  • after warranty service and spare parts.
  • provided manuals translated into Bulgarian language.




Since 06.2017 we have a new partner (TUDOR SCAN TECH)

TUDOR SCAN AERIA DV is the unique solution for aircraft security inspection according to our patented design, designed to scan aircrafts ranging from small private jets up to the largest commercial planes, giving the operator the capability to detect within minutes threats, illegal or undeclared goods. The scanning process is remotely operated inside airport premises with minimal impact for routine operations, without any human exposure to ionizing radiations and is the only fast and efficient technology capable to clear civil aircrafts under bomb threat, being also the only tool capable to fight against contraband with narcotics, explosives, guns, high values and illegal transports of money in cash.

The increasing growth of terrorist activities, contraband and illegal transportation drives the demand for high performance security systems. Special attention needs to be paid to the area of international cargo transport that is usually the preferred vector for the contraband with weapons, radioactive and explosive materials, narcotics and other forbidden material, easy to be hidden inside large volume of goods. The daily increasing volume of transported cargo makes it impossible to physically inspect all suspicious transports.

TUDOR SCAN TECH’s award winning technology provides a safe, reliable and optimized solution in terms of throughput of more than 200 scanned long vehicles / hour.

TUDOR SCAN’s internationally patented remote operation principle is a unique feature with positive impact on operation costs, making it the only mobile scanner that guarantees zero professional radiation exposure for its operators and total protection against incidents caused by dangerous cargo or terrorist attempts targeting security checkpoints.






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