PANalytical is the world's leading supplier of analytical instrumentation andsoftware for X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF),with more than half a century of experience. The materials characterizationequipment is used for scientific research and development, for industrial processcontrol applications and for semiconductor metrology.

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Founded in 1978, Environnement S.A is leading the fieldin continuous environmental pollution analysis systems:

  • Ambient air quality monitoring (AQMS)
  • Industrial process measurement & continuous emission
  • monitoring (CEMS)
  • Engine exhaust gas monitoring
  • Radionuclide monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Environmental Data Acquisition & Processing Software
  • adjustable to any city or plant size and managing
  • various data sources: emission, imission, meteorological,
  • water and process.
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are instrument designers, manufacturers and stack emission and environmental sampling experts realizing instruments and, especially, supply solutions and support to customers.

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Since 1972, LSI-Lastem Srl in Milano (Italy) develops, manufactures and delivers worldwide the most complete range of high quality environmental monitoring systems. LSI Lastem instruments suits virtually any type of application, guaranteeing accurate and reliable measurement of environmental parameters both for portable and long term monitoring, outdoors and indoors. Our comprehensive range of products includes sensors, data acquisition systems, software and installation accessories.


Концернът LPKF е основан през 1976 г. в Гарбсен и бързо си създава добра

репутация със своите нестандартни процедури при създаването на прототипи

на домашно произведени печатни


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LAND has been trading for well over a century. Originally in

the silver plate trade, the company was transformed in 1947

by Tom Land into a hi-tech business developing products for

industrial temperature measurement.

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    Riken Keiki

    In 1939, Riken Keiki Co. Ltd. was founded as a company working closely with

    the Private Research Foundation Institute of Physical and Chemical Research

    (Currently known as the National Research and Development Institute).

    Since our foundation, we have specialized as a manufacturer of gas detection

    and monitoring equipment, utilizing scientific knowledge from the institute.

    Our products help to insure safety by preventing industrial disasters such

    as explosions caused by combustible gases, and monitoring for toxic gas

    leakage in workplace environments.

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    Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology Co., LTD is a
    leader in the technology of
    microwave technology for chemistry in China.

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    Beneq is a supplier of production and research equipment for advanced thin

    film coatings. We serve the cleantech and renewable energy fields and are

    at the forefront of applications development in solar power technology, energy

    conservation and flexible electronics.

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    One of the leading manufacturers of scanning acoustic microscopy.

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    Aurora Instruments

    Aurora Instruments Ltd., is a worldwide leader in the design and development

    of lab automation solutions for life science, environmental science, drug

    discovery/safety and chemical analysis research. We provide technologies

    and services which facilitate a higher sample throughput while improving

    quality, accuracy and precision.

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      Since 1992, Skyray Instrument Inc has taken its foothold in independent

    scientific innovation to develop a high-tech, high precision analytical equipment

    and instrumentation globally. For the past 20 years, Skyray Instrument has not

    once stopped innovating and exploring the depths of the analytical industry...

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     Selon Scientific Instrument 

     Selon Scientific Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a high technology

    company that engages in the design, manufacture and sale

    of high quality analytical and medical instruments.

    Our products, including spectrophotometer,

    scales, pipettes, centrifuges, incubators,

    ultrasonic baths and other laboratory

    equipment, have been widely used in

    various fields such as biotechnology

    research, pharmacology, quality control

    in the food industry, environmental

    protection, education etc . ,

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