• Microfocus X-ray Tube

    PANalytical’s revolutionary Microfocus X-ray Tube is ideal for imaging, inspection, gauging and non-destructive testing..

  • Fluor'X

    The patented Fluor'X Tube produces near-monochromatic X-rays and a wavelength output that can be tuned by the user. It is ideal for gauging applications..

  • Epsilon 3 X-ray Тube

    The Epsilon 3 X-ray tube was originally designed and optimized for PANalytical's Epsilon 3 benchtop XRF spectrometer..

  • PANalytical’s (fluorescence) XRF Software Suite

    Each PANalytical XRF spectrometer is available with advanced and highly specialized software. This maximizes the effectiveness of..

  • CNA Pentos-Cement

    The CNA Pentos-Cement is the fifth generation of the world’s most advanced online elemental analyzer. Like its predecessors, it is based on..

  • CNA-Nickel

    The CNA-Nickel is the fourth generation of the world’s most advanced online elemental analyzer, based on the Pulsed Fast and Thermal Neutron Activation PFTNA technology..

  • CNA³

    CNA³ is one of the latest generation of the CNA family. It has been entirely redesigned to be suitable for tough environments such as underground mines, but still features..

  • ASD TerraSpec Halo

    As simple as Point + Click = Mineral, the ASD TerraSpec® Halo provides field geologists with real time mineral information allowing..